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First time carrying a gun in public.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

I tell my classes that the first time you carry a gun concealed on your person in public you will feel like you have a huge neon sign on your head. This sign has large, red, flashing arrows pointing at you. It also has the word “GUN” flashing on and off on it. You will feel like everyone knows you have a gun. Because you feel this way you will act odd. You will seem suspicious. In cop speak this is known as furtive actions.

You need to get past this quickly.

A good analogy I recently heard from Jack Spirco about this is the first time driving a car.  Remember when you were 16 and the first time you soloed out on a public road.  You were super nervous. You were not exactly sure what you would or should do in every situation.  Now add a cop pulling in behind you… Man! the adrenalin goes through the roof!

Now look at you.  Sometimes you get home and barely remember the drive.

As a person carrying a gun concealed we are aiming for someplace between paranoid and oblivious. We are looking for comfortably confident.

Get comfortable with the gun. Get comfortable having it on you. An easy way to get this practice in a safe way is to carry at home.  You can carry at home or on any property you own with out a permit. So, carry at home. In addition to the practice you get for carrying in the outside world, can you think of a safer place for your gun to be?

Some people who have been carrying for years will get in the habit of disarming when they get home.  I think this is a mistake.  Having the gun on you will be the most secure place it can be.  You will not need to place it in a secure container. You will not need to unload it. By not unloading/reloading the gun every day you won’t place unneeded wear on the cartridges you are cycling through the gun.  Should you need the gun while at home you will have ready access to it.

All in all carrying at home is a win-win situation