Here we go freaking out again, Hurrah! Hurrah!

I have been holding off on doing a prepping post till we got some time away from sandy.  I wanted to do one with some time to allow for some prepping before any of our winter storms hit. We are very blessed to live in an area of the country that is very stable.  We have little here in the way of natural disasters.  That can lull us into a false sense of security.

Weather related problems are not all that needs to be prepared for.  Job loss, death of a spouse, house fire, etc, etc.  These are all things that can sneak up on us and cause the crap to hit our fan even if it doesn’t hit THE fan.  Prepping in general can help us deal with any of those issues if they strike us.  Some of the things that could hit us can wipe out our prepps depending on how deep our planning goes. The one thing we will always have with us as long as we are functional is our wits.

An example of crap hitting the fan for a large segment of our society lately has been the possibility of  stricter gun control measures.  This tends to be concerning for people with a prepper mind set.  Especially people with almost a prepper mind set. You know, those people who know on some level that they are ultimately responsible for themselves they just haven’t done anything about it yet.

When something is looming on the horizon (be it a hurricane or a proposed piece of legislation) they freak out.  They run out and grab what they can at the last minute and hope to scrape by. Granted this is better than not even going out last minute but not by much.  They usually do not get what they would like to have gotten and all to often they pay to much for what they do wind up getting.


Take this gun crush we are under at present.  I went to BoxMart this week and looked at the ammo isle. Do you know what I saw? Not much.  Those of the mind set that “I’ll get something in a common caliber because I’ll all ways be able to get ammo” should have learned from the last time this happened.  When the pressure is on, what everyone else has is what everyone else will need.

You know what I did see?  A fair amount of odder ammo and not so sexy yet plenty capable firearms.  Take the 30 -30 not really what people would think of as uncommon. Yet they had a nice new lever rifle right there in the rack for less than $400 and all the ammo you would have wanted for it. For $500 you would have been well set.

Shotguns, same thing.  12 gauge was harder to come by but 20 and 28 gauge…. plenty of it.  They even had a couple of nice pump 20 gauge shottys for less than $250. That’s NEW guns that would serve you well and plenty of ammo for them.

Try not to buy out of fear. Try to buy out of need.  If you get backed into a corner or otherwise get caught with your pants down, don’t over look answers to your question that aren’t your first choice.



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