Have you drawn your gun today?

Have you drawn your gun today? No? Me neither.
This line of thought came up for me lately while listening to a pod cast. If it comes up today is the day you need to draw your gun it would have been handy to have drawn it a time or two before leaving the house. This would freshen your muscle memory. Hopefully this would make your draw smother.
Naturally if/when you perform this exercise your handgun MUST be unloaded and you MUST draw and present your muzzle to a safe direction.

I have not been in the habit of daily draw practice. I have done a great deal of drawing practice in the past and now tend to only practice drawing once a month. I usually do this in conjunction with competitions. I could likely gain something from drawing more frequently.

My major thrust in starting this topic on this blog is to push people in the direction of some dry fire drawing practice. It is with alarming regularity that I talk with people who carry guns on occasion who have never drawn from their holster. They may have never drawn from their holster clothing combo. If you wear a cover garment drawing with no cover garment is not the same. It’s a good place to start but only that.

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