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Best and worst of it.

Friday, February 15th, 2013

This week held my favorite day in teaching shooting classes, the first time live firing. In each semester there is a day a couple of weeks in when the students actually get to get their hands on a live gun and shoot live ammo.  That day was this week. We fired 1500 rounds at school, all safely.

What I love about this day is the looks on the students faces. Students come in some nervous having never fired a gun and some overconfident from having fired a gun. The new shooters invariably leave with huge smiles!  Females and foreign students seem to have the best time. They are learning something new, safe, and fun.

Guys sometimes have their feelings hurt if they have shot much will feel like they know what they are doing. They have chased a can around the yard with a .22 its not so hard. Then they try to really be accurate. They learn its a whole different animal.

The bad I saw was one of my pet peeves a guy brought his girlfriend to the range to show her how to shoot. He was showing her how to shoot a handgun. Fortunately he decided to give her a few rounds through a .22 before going straight to the .45.  It really was not enough. She was a trouper. She would’ve done anything he asked. She would have fired every single round he had. But she was terrified. She was not given enough time to work her way up to the heavier gun. She actually hit the roof at least once and the target carrier was shot down by her.  Then I stepped in an moved her back to the .22. I hope it doesn’t leave a bad taste in her mouth for guns.