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First time carrying a gun in public.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

I tell my classes that the first time you carry a gun concealed on your person in public you will feel like you have a huge neon sign on your head. This sign has large, red, flashing arrows pointing at you. It also has the word “GUN” flashing on and off on it. You will feel like everyone knows you have a gun. Because you feel this way you will act odd. You will seem suspicious. In cop speak this is known as furtive actions.

You need to get past this quickly.

A good analogy I recently heard from Jack Spirco about this is the first time driving a car.  Remember when you were 16 and the first time you soloed out on a public road.  You were super nervous. You were not exactly sure what you would or should do in every situation.  Now add a cop pulling in behind you… Man! the adrenalin goes through the roof!

Now look at you.  Sometimes you get home and barely remember the drive.

As a person carrying a gun concealed we are aiming for someplace between paranoid and oblivious. We are looking for comfortably confident.

Get comfortable with the gun. Get comfortable having it on you. An easy way to get this practice in a safe way is to carry at home.  You can carry at home or on any property you own with out a permit. So, carry at home. In addition to the practice you get for carrying in the outside world, can you think of a safer place for your gun to be?

Some people who have been carrying for years will get in the habit of disarming when they get home.  I think this is a mistake.  Having the gun on you will be the most secure place it can be.  You will not need to place it in a secure container. You will not need to unload it. By not unloading/reloading the gun every day you won’t place unneeded wear on the cartridges you are cycling through the gun.  Should you need the gun while at home you will have ready access to it.

All in all carrying at home is a win-win situation

The Time Monkey: You must learn to master him.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

The time monkey.

What is the time monkey? The time monkey is that feeling of pressure you get when you feel like you are stressed for time. That stress and pressure will make you make mistakes.

So how can we master the time monkey?

Practice and build confidence in yourself and your skill set. If you break this down to a specific manageable task at first, this will be easier for you to accomplish. Since most of my classes revolve around shooting we can start there.

Once you have learned the fundamentals of marksmanship and can hit a reasonable target at a reasonable distance we can start on speed. For this exercise we will use an 8 inch paper plate at 7 yards. If you work till you can place 10 rounds on the plate fairly quickly you can start adding the element of time. Start easy. Have a buddy run a stopwatch for you or download a shot timer app for your phone. Shoot the 10 shots on the target in 15 seconds. Then work down to 10, then 5, then 3 seconds. You may be able to get even faster.

Now imagine what would have happened if I had started you out by placing the target out at 7 yards and telling you you have 3 seconds to hit the target 10 times. “GO!”
How well would you have done?
Starting slow and deliberate will allow you to get fast. “Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast”

This procedure will work regardless of if you are trying to mount a rifle quickly, shift targets quickly or reload quickly. Start slow and deliberate and work up to fast.

With some prior planning and practice you will be amazed at what you can do.

One stage in the old Army Qualification required the shooter to start in the standing position with his rifle loaded with 2 rounds and having with them another mag with 8 rounds. At the start signal the shooter must drop to the prone position take the rifle off safe fire the 2 rounds at a target 300 yards away. Then reload and fire one more round at that target. They then shift targets fire 3 more rounds. Then shift targets again firing the remaining 4 rounds. All this must be finished in 60 seconds….

The first time people shoot this usually the clock is on their mind or Time Monkey is on their backs. They rush through the string. They do not score well, don’t even get off all their shots. They fumble around with the reload. And time just slips away.

After a shooter has shot this a few times they see how much time is in 60 seconds. They get more comfortable with it. They focus on the task at hand and do not worry about the clock.

They finish with plenty of time to spare. Shooters finishing this string in 40-45 seconds with a perfect score is not out of the norm.

Work on the skill. Focus on the task at hand. Focus on doing it right.

Work till you can do this with an audience. That adds that extra little bit of stress you need to practice under. Eventually you won’t even know they are there.


A very good colection of holster use vids.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Great for the guys n gals.

A little fun practice

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Competitions any of us can do…
Postal matches. These are competitions that you shoot on your own and send in the results to a central point to be judged. One I am doing right now is on the Zombie Squad page. General info and
October match info

I shot a 24 out of 30 :-/ can you do better?