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Reloading class info.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Well, it looks like we are lined up to do the reloading class on July 28th. Hop over to to sign up. We are limiting the class to 10 students. To hold your spot you will need to sign up and make a 50% deposit. If you are wanting the “delux” deal note what dies you would like when you sign up.

Guys think about this.

Monday, May 21st, 2012

In a recent handgun carry permit class I saw the long end of one of my pet peaves.
The problem I have is this. Guys think it is super funny to give a powerful firearm to a kid or lady and have them fire it with no training. When the gun knocks the uninitiated around the gun guys will laugh and laugh. Spend just a few minutes on YouTube or any similar video hosting page. There you will find hours of videos of guys doing this.

In this class I’m talking about I had a guy who is about 50. During the lecture portion of class he just looked board. He had that “I’ve been shooting my whole life look”. I figured he was just going through the motions to get the permit. I figured he would shoot ok, not great but well enough. I actually had him pegged as a guy who would do my pet peave.

Fast forward to the range portion. He is hanging back as his firing order is coming to the line. He catches me aside and I can tell he is very nervous. I’m my normal re-assuring self. I play it off like its not a big deal. I ask him if he has ever shot a gun. He says “no” then catches himself and says “well, once when I was young…..”.

I knew instantly what had happened. Some jackass had handed him a 12 Guatemala shotgun as a kid. They had let him shoot it, it knocked him around, then they laughed at him. He hadn’t shot in about 4 DECADES because of that.

Guys, shooting is important for several reasons. Shooting is also FUN! Don’t ruin it for someone by giving them a bad first impression. If you wonder why many ladies don’t like guns it can often be traced back to a dad, brother, cousin, or most likely boy friend who did this.

You can work through this. It takes time and understanding. A good .22 rifle or handgun helps. You may need to even start with an air gun. Once they see how fun it can be, well, then they are hooked.