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Week of the bees

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

This week we added bees to our family. These are not he bees you are likely thinking of. Nope, not honey bees. We added mason bees. We got our bees and supplies from
We got our bees a few weeks ago. They came in the mail. They were still in their cocoon. We ordered 20. They come 10 each in small matchbox size boxes.
We kept them in the crisper drawer in the fridge as instructed. We kept them there till the weather was right to put them out. We kind of rolled the dice a bit by putting them out this week. We hope there is no freeze. It’s possible we could bring them in if it is to freeze.
The house mason bees are kept in are much like bird houses without the front on.
Mason bees are supposed to be as good as honey bees for our fruits and vegies.

Something to chew on.

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

I just added a link to a research study to the class resources section. 

This is the link to the article.  I have not fully digested all the info contained in the report.  It does demonstrate that there is a lot going on when bullets are used in fight.

I have said for years that there is no magic bullet.  It seems that that may go even further than I thought.


Comment.  What other info could we use to fully flesh out what this guy has done?

What are you practicing for?

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Practice, practice, practice. We all know we need practice. But what are we practicing for? The easy answer is to get better. But why? As my kids are want to ask. What are we specifically wanting to get better for. For many of us it is so we will be better prepared should a threat arise.
We often overlook a good source of practice. Competition. It’s hard for many of us to nerve up to going to a competition as we don’t want to embarrass ourselves.
I like to look at competition as practice for potentially using a gun for real. It’s not the same by a long way. It is a lot closer than many of us ever get.

And now for something a little different….

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Today in the permit class I did something a bit different. I demonstrated an AK47 PISTOL. It was an experimentation I was trying. I did this for the entertainment value as much as for anything else. That piece of hardware sure has a wow factor. Most people do not even realize something like it exists.
I also had a practical side of the experiment. I wanted to show a couple of things. One no mater what you have its possible your opponent has something better. Second I wanted to show that it is possible to hide something like that in plain sight. And lastly I wanted to show that sometimes you can just get silly.
Guns are serious. They are deadly. If we do not treat them with respect they can exact a large toll. We in the gun community tend to be serious people. Sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by being to serious. We must find a proper balance. We must practice our safety. But we should not be so serious that this is no longer fun.
If we are guarding, protecting,and defending all the time but aren’t enjoying life a little along the way then what’s the point?