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Have you drawn your gun today?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Have you drawn your gun today? No? Me neither.
This line of thought came up for me lately while listening to a pod cast. If it comes up today is the day you need to draw your gun it would have been handy to have drawn it a time or two before leaving the house. This would freshen your muscle memory. Hopefully this would make your draw smother.
Naturally if/when you perform this exercise your handgun MUST be unloaded and you MUST draw and present your muzzle to a safe direction.

I have not been in the habit of daily draw practice. I have done a great deal of drawing practice in the past and now tend to only practice drawing once a month. I usually do this in conjunction with competitions. I could likely gain something from drawing more frequently.

My major thrust in starting this topic on this blog is to push people in the direction of some dry fire drawing practice. It is with alarming regularity that I talk with people who carry guns on occasion who have never drawn from their holster. They may have never drawn from their holster clothing combo. If you wear a cover garment drawing with no cover garment is not the same. It’s a good place to start but only that.

Couples and guns (AND A PERMANENT DISCOUNT!)

Monday, February 20th, 2012

The big V-day promo was a huge success! Actually much better than I anticipated. We had a huge class with about 25 couples taking advantage of one or the other discounts we offered.
Your job of being armed is much easier if you have a supportive partner. It is much easier to buy the necessary equipment if you have the buy in of your partner. If all involved understand the importance of being prepared the actual job of ensuring security becomes much easier.
I can not over stress how important it is to work as a team. You must do all in your power to achieve buy in. That is why I do the ballroom dancing deal.
Typically it is the dream of the ladies to go fancy dancing. Usually the guys would rather go to the dentists than dance lessons. Guys usually try to convince their ladies how important guns are and why they need more ammo etc. Ladies tend to find better uses for that money, like groceries or rent.

If ladies see that the guys are willing to put themselves into a bit of an uncomfortable position by taking dance lessons they may be more understanding of the value he places on guns.


Gun dates

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The wife and I just got back from a gun date. What is a gun date you say? A gun date is when you and the wife get a sitter and go to the range for a major part of your date. Dating is still important long after the rings are on.

Today we grabbed a couple of rifles, ammo and various other gear. We headed to a local indoor range. There we rented that new Rhino revolver in .357. Our only real plan was to have fun. We easily accomplished that. We fired about 200 rounds total through all the guns and that’s with both of us shooting. We only stayed about 1-1/2 hours and spent about $60 bucks plus our ammo.

We had a great time and learned a little about a new gun.

I think the key to a gun date is leave just before its not fun for them anymore. Don’t take too many guns. Also if you are taking something that has a great deal of recoil or muzzle blast don’t let that be the primary thing you bring to shoot.


Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

We did about $35 worth of business today with Starbucks in conjunction with the Buycott. We must be ready with our support just as we are ready to condemn affront’s to us.

Fear not

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Be you the student or the teacher, sometimes firearms instruction is intimidating. It does not need to be that way. As a student the most important thing you can bring to the lesson is a teachable mindset. If you come wanting to learn you will be amazed how quickly you will learn.
Put most of what you have learned from any media out of your mind for the duration of your lesson. TV, movies, and video games are notorious for presenting firearms inaccurately. You will not be injured by firing a gun properly. By following the instruction of your teacher you will be fine. They do not want to get hurt and they do not want you to hurt yourself or anyone else. You can trust them to help you.

Instructors, know that new shooters sometimes come to the lesson very nervous. You will be well served by trying to put them at ease. I try to do this by demonstrating confidence, competence, and a bit of levity. A little humor can push the tension right out of a room. The trick is to do this while still conveying the care that must be shown to firearms and the use of deadly force.

Having the students take a deep cleansing breath before the range session seems to release a good bit of tension as well.

At all times indicate the need for safety and attention to detail. But remind students that shooting need not be stressful and indeed should be fun.

Starting seeds is not hard.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Starting seeds at home is not difficult and needs not be to expensive. You can use full spectrum bulbs and utility fixtures from the big box hardware stores. We have about $100-150 in our set up and ours is fairly elaborate. We have 4 banks of lights on a metal set of shelves that we put on casters.
With this set up we can have the setup in the main area of the house when we are starting seeds. We can then easily move it to the garage in the off summer. We keep our setup in the kitchen / dining room area of the house. This is one of our most used areas. Having the plants here has a couple of unexpected benefits. Seeing the new plants growing and having the artificial sunlight helps get through those winter bla days.